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We have a vibrant team of involved, engaged and caring volunteers who enhance the daily lives of our residents, while experiencing personal growth through helping others. We do our absolute best to ensure your volunteer experience is as rewarding as possible.

Volunteer opportunities include those in physiotherapy, pet therapy, sewing, entertainment, gift shop as well as roles in spiritual health. Volunteer roles in our leisure programs include:

Adanak Park Lodge resident & volunteer

Adanac Park Lodge

• Community walks
• Community bus outings
• Special breakfasts
• Art therapy assistant
• One to one visits
• Gardening
• Special events
• Group exercises
• Musical therapy assistant
Multigeneration activities

Little Mountain Place

• Outings
• Luncheons
• Carpet bowling
• Creative arts
• Music
• Volunteer visiting
• Intergenerational program
• Gardening
• Bingo
• Seasonal activities
• Happy hours
• Mahjong

Little Mountain Place volunteer article.

Our minimum volunteer age requirement is sixteen years old. Volunteers commit to a minimum four month time period, typically in a weekly role, although this can be dependant on the volunteer position. We can provide flexibility with some opportunities. We are always interested in hearing about a special skill or interest you would like to share.

Comprehensive orientation and training is provided. All volunteers are required to have two completed reference checks and a criminal record check.

Thank you for wanting to share your time and skills with our community. You are welcome to fill out a volunteer application form, and send it to:

Adanac Park Lodge

Jennifer Gilchrist
Volunteer Coordinator
jgilchrist@littlemountaincare.org or fax or mail it to the site.
Tel: (604) 299-7567 ext. 321
Fax: (604) 299-7424

Little Mountain Place

Volunteer Coordinator
lmpvolunteercoord@littlemountaincare.org or fax or mail it to the site.
Tel: (604) 325-2298 ext. 261
Fax: (604) 325-6487