Mission, Vision and Values

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A home is where you feel safe, where you belong and connect with others. It is where you contribute and pursue things that matter the most to you. Our Society exists to support you in living this life.


Driven by excellence, we enrich health, wellness and quality of life for people who live, work and visit in our communities.


We put our residents first

Residents call our housing home, so when we make decisions we consider the impacts on their wellbeing. We take time to know our residents and their families so we can anticipate their needs and deliver personalized care and support.

We celebrate people

Whether people live, work, or visit with us, we want to know them. They are individuals with a lifetime of stories. We share our knowledge and experience and feel proud of the community we are building.

We strive to be better

Housing and healthcare are complex, but it is our job to make it simple for our residents and families. We ask, “How can we make this work?” instead of saying why it won’t. We are eager to learn and grow from our own and others’ experiences. We aren’t afraid to try new things to make our community more than just a place to live.

We honour our commitments

Because our work affects those around us, we accept responsibility for our actions and are open about how we make decisions. Life is not predictable and neither is our work. So when things change or turn out differently than expected, we speak up and have the courage to try again.