Adanac Park Lodge (APL) is a 73-bed Long-Term care home located in the heart of the Hasting/Sunrise neighbourhood in East Vancouver.  Since opening in 2000, APL has been recognized for providing care for individuals with diverse needs.
In 2013, APL began transitioning to a new mandate to care for younger adults with complex health and cognitive needs. It offers two secure environments along with services designed for individuals requiring supports that are not available in other Long-Term care homes. Residents in the units are supported to live to their fullest ability in a person-centered, social model to maximize quality of life.

The enhanced interdisciplinary team at APL includes the following roles:

• Primary Care Physician
• Psychiatrist
• Nurses (Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Clinicians)
• Residential Care Aides
• Rehabilitation Assistant
• Dietician
• Social Worker
• Recreation Therapist
• Music and Art Therapist
• Volunteers

Individuals who will be considered for admission in APL:

• 19 to 65 years of age
• Cognitive impairment with impulsive or responsive behaviour including alcohol-related or early-onset dementia, acquired brain injury or mental illness
• Psychiatrically and medically stable; may have chronic health conditions
• May have a history of addiction
• Too vulnerable to live independently and require licensed and specialized supports to live communally
• Have an individualized care plan that is currently working and can be translated into this new environment

Individuals who are acutely ill (medically or psychiatrically) at the time of referral, exhibit dangerously destructive or aggressive behaviour which puts others at risk, or are actively engaged in alcohol or drug use will not be considered for admittance.

Residents will be transitioned to APL through the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority from tertiary mental health, acute care, or other Long-Term care environments. For information please view the VCH Long-Term Care Handbook

Residents may move to other units within APL or to other sites when their needs no longer align with the services provided and/or they can be safely cared for in another environment.

Visiting hours

Family members and friends are key partners in care, and play an important role in a resident’s quality of life. They are welcome to be present at any time, although we do request that visitors respect the privacy of other residents and remain mindful of quieter times in the early morning and later evening hours.

Family gatherings

Family and visitors are welcome to use our lounge spaces to visit with friends and family. We also have patio areas to use when the weather is bright.

Adanac Park Lodge patio residents


• Furnished private room
• Bathrooms equipped with safety features
• Emergency call system and intercom
• Security and safety systems
• Telephone service available in each room
• Television available in common rooms and can be arranged in private rooms
• Air conditioning
• Leisure studio and resident lounge with pool table
• Garden, patio and park access
• Tuck Shop

Adanac Park Lodge resident & volunteer


• 24-hour nursing care
• Weekly physician visits
• Administration of medication
• On-site and off-site mental health services
• Case management services
• Three nutritious meals and snacks daily
• Special diet available
• Pharmacy and dental services
• Recreation programs including on and off-site activities
• Religious services
• Hair dresser
• Housekeeping and laundry services
• Assistance arranging for medical transportation to off-site appointments upon request

Adanak Park Lodge, arts and craft

Recreation and Leisure Activities

• Arts and crafts
• Art therapy and painting
• Bingo, games and cards and carpet bowling
• Cooking classes
• Drumming and hand chimes
• Knitting, crosswords
• Gardening
• News, discussion and reading groups
• Community walks and exercise groups
• Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation
• Movies
• Trips to local attractions and lunch and shopping outings
• Community events
• Holiday and birthday celebrations, coffee socials
• Musical concerts and religious services